Mistwaden Series

I am lost. I stand surrounded by the encroaching fog. A transcendental realm made of mist and light. Infinitely stretched out on a plane of existence that lies also parallel to the one of our reality - like the world behind the mirrors, the castle reflected in its moat. Here I search. Here lie our fates, our questions, our secret natures, our artefacts of dreams and nightmares. I want to know who I am and I search as cosmic horrors chase me. This place is always changing. Swirling, convulsing, pulsing, concentrating and falling apart. Light equally so, with sometimes a colour bursting through the fog. Shrouded in mist, horrors watch me, deities keep hidden. I hear the shrieking of other interlopers / lost ones out here. This realm pervades our reality and supports it. Wading through the mist, looking for Self. Even if found, no knowledge can ever leave this place. Back home, I remember nothing. 

Various memories from the mist. 
Digital Photography, Abstract. Luminography.
Models: Sacha, Irene Ruigrok van de Werven, Anonymous.  
Since 2019.