My artistic practice once originated in writing stories and drawing castles. As I kept playing with life, text and architecture, the lines became increasingly blurred and I soon started making visual works. Now, in parallel to a core of writing and research, my practice includes being a performer, sculptor and photographer. My work is deeply rooted in the belief and personal necessity that art can be a way to create meaning in a world devoid of it. Or at the very least meaning on an individual basis; as a way of navigating my own life and documenting its questions. The same questions I seek to address in my writing and research, the visual is informed by the textual and vice versa. Inspired by history, I want to give a voice to forgotten queer mystics. Inspired by metaphysics, I want to show that the Abyss can be a home. What unites a lot of my work is a fascination for Nothingness. Not from a place of nihilism, but from the idea that Nothing can be a productive and even beautiful notion. The calm wonder in Nothingness as absence, emptiness, the unfulfilled and the unknowable.

Inquiries / Proposals / Commissions -> tobiasmud@gmail.com



2022 - 2024     Master of Philosophy. University of Amsterdam.
2021 -  2022     Bachelor of Fine Arts Exchange Semester. UAL Chelsea College.  
2019 -  2023     Bachelor of Art and Design. Gerrit Rietveld Academie.                 
2015 -  2019      Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. Leiden University.

Group Exhibitions

2023                    Graduation Show. Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.
                              Open Studios. Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. Performer for Resident Martin Toloku.      
                              Drag:On. Dat Bolwerck, Zutphen.
2022                    No Intermission. Carré Royal Theatre, Amsterdam x Marina Abramovic Institute. Co-Performer for Yingmei Duan.
                              Uncut: Oceanic Imaginaries. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
                              Like a new world. The Wrong Biennale No. 5.
                              Becoming: Devoted. CC Amstel, Amsterdam.
2021                     In(different). Triangle, Chelsea College London. 
2018                     Art & Food. Royal Academy of the Arts, the Hague. 

Solo Exhibitions

2018                     Muse Abuse. Gray Space in the Middle, the Hague. 

Photo by Yi Wang. 
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